Monday, September 5, 2011

Tag Swap

I joined Stephanie's tag swap. Basically I stamped 20 tags. 10 each of two images. In return I would receive back 20 different tags. What a great way for someone like me. Just starting out and have not built up my stash yet. Although trust me I keep adding to it. lol....

Here is image #1... Isn't the owl just adorable. Owl's seem to be growing on me. I think may start to collect them. Sorry the image is sideways. I have yet to figure out how to turn the image around. If anyone out there know's how, feel free to give me some guidance. Until I figure it out you may have to turn your computer on the side to view the

Image #2. It's a stamped image of myself. I was quite the party girl in my day... All right you found me out. It's not me. But boy I sure would have loved to live during that era. She looks like she is ready for a wild night out. 

Here they are all packaged up. It was not a requirement to make a mini kit. I just decided it looked too plain in the bag and I had to dress it up. 

I can't wait for the next swap. I received my 20 tags this weekend. They are amazing. I will approach a few of the artists and ask if I can post their tags on my blog so you can see the images I received in return. Until than, take the time to stop by Stephanie's blog and check her out. Not only does she host this swap but her work is amazing.

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  1. Hi, These look great Melissa! Yes, I would have loved to live in that 1920's era too, but only for the clothes! The sanitation/medication etc., was not too good back then! Have been thinking of you during the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Lots of love, Sue in Oz xx