Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Circle letter

Have you ever heard of a circle letter? I first learned about it at A Joyful Chaos. In the Amish community a family for a group of friends would all write a letter's chronicling the events that have occurred since the last letter and holding conversations with each other. The letters would all be added to one envelope. When it arrives at your home you would read the letters and catch up on everyone's lives, take your letter out and keep it, write a new one to add to the envelope and send it onto the next stop. I have joined such a group. Although we are not Amish we all have followed A Joyful Chaos and decided to create our own journey with a wonderful network of women that I feel are becoming a new second family to me. It was hard keeping everyone strait at first so I created this journal. I have a tab for each women and when the letters arrive I write the important tidbits that defines whom they are and sparks my memory when the next letter arrives. I find myself scanning this book occasionally just to keep that happy feeling that is always felt when thinking fond memories of times spent with a friend. If you ever get a chance to join in a circle letter I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Hello! I had to come and find your blog since you are a NO REPLY blogger and I can't just respond to your comment by email!

    Thanks so much for sending a note! I started blogging to meet people and I'm tickled pink to see a new friend!

    It's been a very busy week here, my son is on leave from the Air Force, our anniversary and after lay off lasting 7 months I started work. Normally I would respond the day you sent the email!

    I love leafing thru my Mary calendar pages too! Sometimes adding the little page a day graphic to a letter or card I'm sending off. The idea to scrap them was so much fun that I flew thru making the tags! I cut various parts of the picture and may or may not have laid them on the tag in the same place! Using the pop dots or foamie pieces to make the pieces stand off the page is so much fun that I amuse myself with looking at the garland hung of my favorite little illustrations!

    Lots of entertainment if we look thru our own stash of graphics at all the stuff we 'save' for later!

    Hope to hear from you again!